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"Each time we work our land we enter into an unspoken contract with nature to return a little more than we have taken. When we rebuild the soils we have used . . ., we honor our biological inheritance and increase the bounty of our harvest."  Michael Ableman  "The Good Earth

       My life has been about searching for connection to my soul and the source of spirit.  Believing that I am a spiritual being having a human experience, I've made choices throughout my life to do what seems to be the next thing that will bring me closer to learning how to become more spiritually connected.  During the last 28 years those choices have landed me on 13 acres of prime marshland in mid-coast Maine with hundreds of plants.

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                     "If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it,
                      it's your world for the moment." 
  Georgia O'Keefe

Nature teaches me everything that I see as important in life and connects me to my source of spirit.  I see how all life is connected in the web of life and how each moment is to be savored and appreciated. Nothing is static; all is changing, always different, always new.  At 60, I am still a child in nature continually awed and amazed.

This is why I love the garden and why I continue to participate with nature to help the flowers grow.  I support this effort by selling the flowers and gifts to people like you!


Tapestry Garden Perennials
Searsmont, Maine

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Daisy - 3/90-12/06


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