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Wreaths   $20
Wreaths differ slightly in size and color and are all priced the same. They are built on grapevine.
Special orders for color themes are accepted.  Prices do not include shipping and handling

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wreath3t.jpg (11387 bytes)

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Other Gifts
Dreamcatchers made with different colors of twine, beads, feathers, etc. on grape vine.
Mobiles made with colored glass, flowers, feathers, etc.  Stones are cement with glass, etc.
Special orders are accepted. Prices do not include shipping and handling

Dreamcatcher $20
dreamcat.jpg (7925 bytes)
Jams, Pickles $3, $5
jams.jpe.jpg (14396 bytes)
Mobile $20

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Spicy Swiss Chard

wash 2 large bunches of chard and cut stem ends

part 1
bring to boil:   1-1 1/2 cups of water
                       2-3 hot peppers
                      3 chicken bouillon cubes
while boiling, add chard and boil until soft
remove chard and chop

part 2
sauté in olive oil:  4-5 green onions
                          4-5 garlic cloves
add chopped chard
slowly add          2 Tbls. flour, dash paprika
stir while adding
                          1-1 1/2 cu. milk
                          salt and pepper to taste
simmer 5 minutes and serve



Gifts 'n Things / Recipes

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