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Plant Name Zone Bloom Color, Ht. Cultivation, Propagation Use Avail.

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featherreedT.jpg (9407 bytes)
Feather Reed grass

zone 5 to 9 striped and plain, 2-3' stays in neat clumps, sun to part shade, ave. soil, plumes reddish decorative plumes yes

fescuet.jpg (7492 bytes)
Festuca orina
Blue fescue

zone 4 to 9 blue foliage, 6-12" stays in neat clumps, sun, ave. soil decorative, borders yes

Phalaris arundinacea Ribbon grass
zone 4 to 8 striped, 2-4' can be invasive, good for difficult areas, sun decorative foliage yes

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Plant Name Zone Bloom Color, Height Cultivation, Propagation Use Avail.

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chivest.jpg (9493 bytes)
4 to 9 purples, 1-3', edibles self-sows, sun, stays in clumps, sun, ave. soil edibles yes

Garlic Chive
4 to 9 pale purple, 1-3', edible self-sows, sun, stays in clumps, sun, ave. soi edible yes

Artemesia dracunculus
3 to 8 no bloom, 2-3', culinary full sun, ave., rich soil culinary, dried herb yes
feverfewT.jpg (8866 bytes)
3 to 8 summer,1-2', white   bushy, sun, ave., well-drained soil medicinal, aromatic yes

Hypericum calicinum
St. John's Wort
4 to 9 June-Sept., 1-3', yellow tenacious roots, grows in places other things will not medicinal yes

5 to 9 summer, 1-2', blue grey-green, scented foliage and flowers, stays in clumps, sun, ave., dry soil dried flowers, potpourri seeds

4 to 9 aromatic, 2-3', purple sun, fast spreading, can be invasive aromatic, medicinal, teas yes

Nepata cataria
3 to 8 summer, 1-3', white loved by cats, voracious self-sower, very hardy and easy medicinal, teas yes
marjoramT.jpg (10986 bytes)
Origanum marjorana
4 to 8 summer, 2-4', purple can spread all over, very easy and hardy, sun culinary, dried flowers yes
oreganot.jpg (11001 bytes)
Origanum vulgare
Greek Oregano
5 to 9 summer, 6-12", purple spreading mats, sun, well-drained soil culinary, spicy o/s
comfreyt.jpg (8625 bytes)
Symphytum officinalis
3 to 9 June-Sept., 3-5', purple attracts Monarchs, very deep roots are hard to remove, sun salves, ointments, NO INT. use yes
tansyt.jpg (9443 bytes)
3 to 8 July-Sept., 4-6', yellow can be invasive, sun, grows almost anywhere, hard to remove medicinal, cut, dried flowers yes
thymest.jpg (8728 bytes)
4 to 9 June-Aug., 6-15", several types, lavender flowers spreading mats or small bush, sun, ave., well-drained soil culinary yes
valerianT.jpg (6801 bytes)
Valeriana officinalis
4 to 8 June-Aug., 2-5', white self-sows all over, attracts earthworms, sun, tolerates difficult areas medicinal, cut flowers yes

Grasses / Herbs

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